14th November 2016

Under a super moon

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Weather permitting. Well, it did, and I enjoyed what could be the last BBQ of the season, in sunshine and calm at 12C. After all, I also went to make an appointment for tire swapping, so I’m not oblivious to what’s coming. The autumn lingers.

The guy who delivers for Amazon showed up with two serious sized boxes this afternoon, and now our home theater has decent sound. 5.1, with a real subwoofer! For now, I’m listening to TV (which is technically monophonic), but movie time is coming. Along with winter.

And of course, this is Supermoon time. When the dog had me open the door in the middle of last night, I could have stood outside and read a newspaper. This evening, I decided to make another attempt at photographing the big, bright orb. And came off disappointed. I tried four different focal lengths: 1000, 500, 300 and 100. Only the short macro lens returned anything with what I feel is appropriate sharpness. I’m not going to give up (the moon will still be there, next month/ next year), but it might be time to read a book on the subject.

The dog does not enjoy YouTube content involving wolves or coyotes. Silent movies are permitted, but when “they start to sing”, he gets a little hinky. Maybe I should prepare him with some human mimicry… if you hear reports of me howling to that super moon, it’s all for the dog.

The press is having a field day trying to guess what governance will be like in the new year.

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