6th April 2018

Common sense recycling rules

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I’ve been working through my list of jobs that have to get done.  Tiny jobs, for the main. That piece of siding, on the front of the house? Snapped back into place, without any need to get abusive or hammer unduly. My proofing job on a manuscript? No stress… punctuation has rules. Shopping for another freezer? Soon. For now, the air is still cold.

Actually, we’re under another storm watch, which means that this winter has arrived just after the “first day of spring” shown on my calendar. I blame the publisher for using content from foreign lands.

Son #2 has pointed out some interesting musical content, so I’ve been learning about the “newest sounds”, as noted by him. Worth the time, even if I never see a live show. I take pleasure in the simple fact that each of my children has developed a personal music taste. No “just like my parent” going on here.

Takes the national broadcaster to show me (and those around me) that we’re failures in the recycling circle. Even if the flyer from the waste management people doesn’t suggest getting the containers clean enough for refilling, we should. Peanut butter, the ruination of the paper industry. Who knew? And as for labels on cans… the court is still out on that detail. It makes sense, somehow. Bailing up that metal with unnecessary paper; nope. Besides, do I really want the recycler to see how many cans of baked beans are consumed?  I’m going to pay strict attention to what goes where, and see if I can get the nation back on course.


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