4th March 2018

A quick course in famous faces

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I wonder who will win? Tonight, the world of cinema recognizes its own, and gives the rest of us a glimpse of how we might (walk, talk, dress)  if we were famous.

As usual, this has been a movie-free year for me. Unwilling to spend hours in the car in order to access over-priced popcorn and sit in a dark room, I just don’t bother with the local Cineplex. And there aren’t many other options available. With that, any time I spend watching the ceremony serves as a lesson in what passed as entertainment for the last year.

It might be easier to curl up with a book and watch my own mental version of a given story, but one evening is a minor sacrifice. Facial recognition, in case someone from the A list ever comes to my town. It could happen: they made a movie here, some years ago. I saw the security barricades.

This afternoon, I let the bread machine work its particular magic, and was rewarded with a large, light loaf. Just finished a few slices along with a tall glass of cold milk. Classic.

I have a loyalty card from the local grocery store. Not sure what benefits accrue, but it doesn’t matter. The company just changed its card, and now I am being told to doubt my totals. You mean there’s a way to find out what I didn’t have? How quaint.  I can’t imagine what the local grocery could give me, other than foodstuffs, that would make a panic state worth the effort.


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