20th November 2017

An added incentive?

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Loblaws has a new incentive program. Much like the old incentive program, except… this one will really cost you money. $99.99 a year, in order to get even more points when you buy your weekly veggies.

First, let me admit something. I belong to a number of those programs; the extra section in my wallet is branded plastic. I do present my special identifying number at the cash register, and allow my habits to be even more closely tracked by that marketing mob. And, I’ve never (no, not ever) traded in my accumulated points for a prize.

Which begs the question: why would I pay (more) for something I don’t even use? Is there some incentive that I don’t understand, beyond wallet fatigue? Let’s accept the obvious. I’m not part of their target demographic. And with that analysis completed, I won’t be paying “just a little bit more” in return for nothing.

Actually, on the news, one of the lead stories covered another consumer problem. High pressure upselling from companies that already have a monopoly (or nearly). Do I need to have a “better plan” from my phone company, when they don’t deliver what they promise now? There’s a gap here, between what the marketing consultants are pushing and what the customers (even me) need. If the Internet speed ever rises above a “crawl”, I might consider something better. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing, to get what you pay for from the phone company? Has it happened in the lifetime of anyone? Upselling me nothing doesn’t endear you to me (or my wallet)

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