18th November 2017

Make sure because you aren’t move

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A bit of wind and rain isn’t enough to prevent safety; my wheels have been retorqued, and if things go wrong, I can only blame myself. Truth be told, they were pretty good already, and this was just a “make sure because you aren’t” move on my part. As for the climate, I accept that life in Canada may not always respect the summertime rule.

We wrapped up the book sessions, this afternoon. Payment was tendered, and I now have a long slog of proofreading ahead. Didn’t help when the author told me that this was a preliminary version and that updates are imminent. Enough to keep me back from my search for the dangling participle and unproven fact.

I took great pleasure in showing some of the neat things you can spot in old aerial photos. The local shipwrecks, for instance. Now, I was done better by the lady who remembered climbing onboard the biggest one, decades ago, seeking souvenirs. She still wouldn’t admit to what treasures are now in her basement; I’ll ask again, after a suitable time has passed. Not decades, mind you. Perhaps a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned that there is a whole world of really decent theme music out there, attached to series found on Netflix. Among the finds are artists from as far off the beaten track as the Faroe Islands (when you find it, bookmark it). Most of the good ones are available on YouTube, so that I don’t have to rewatch the same opening sequence of a film, again and again.

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