7th October 2017

Overgrown forest

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Not sure if it qualifies as a medical condition, but I have a soft spot in my heart. For old photos. No kiddies, your selfies from last week don’t qualify. I want a bit of history in my pics, the better to learn things.

This afternoon, prepared in advance, I spent an hour giving a “soft” lecture on local history. My target audience: a person that owns land just up the road, despite little actual involvement in the “field of dreams”. Or, in this case, overgrown forest of someone else’s plans.

The wonderful thing is that there are lots of pertinent photos out there, available due to an extensive series of aerial surveys over the last eighty years. Black and white is the colour of the day. I was able to choose my target using a map, and then put together my explanation of how the land had gone through periods of fertile followed by fallow. And since life has existed for more than eight decades, I was able to find a series of much older maps that showed the changes in ownership.

You see, property lines and tree lines go well together. While a farmer doesn’t want bush in the middle of his pasture, he will let the growth along the fence line stay. Time passes and bushes get tall. Substantial. We did a short session of photo interpretation, pointing out the various lanes that had given access toward the shore.

I can only guess, but I think my effort was appreciated. No offer to sell me the land in question, but there’s always another day.

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