5th October 2017

Treasured individuality

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Is there something happening? Three different households have been emptied in the last twenty-four hours. Sure, they’re not “permanent people”; there’s a class of citizen that never sees the beauty of a winter storm in this area. But… but… storms are far off, in the distant future, right?.

In a world that treasures individuality, what to think of the Equifax mess? Half of the population (in the US) affected by a “hack” that gave up their more personal details to an unknown entity. Or Yahoo, which might have “lost” credentials equivalent in number to that same population. Yet the top of the administrative phone list are receiving astonishing wealth as their due. Pensions worth $90 million or more. Yesterday, before a Senate hearing, the appearance of Rich Uncle Pennybags (from the front of your Monopoly box) didn’t strike anyone as untoward, as he (she?) trolled the former CEO from the audience.

Closer to home, it has been revealed that the people who designed the flawed federal payroll system also sold and installed the software. Now, they’re being paid to fix their mess. Is there anyone in control? I mean, other than the Minister (who has resigned) and been replaced with someone who is unfamiliar with the file.

I shouldn’t pay attention. After all, my own bird feeders may soon be under attack from marauding squirrels (if past experience counts for anything). I’ll be busy defending the rights of feathered visitors to chow down for free. And whatever happens elsewhere will be relegated to the “news of the day”.

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