10th August 2017

Overview of the day

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Dateline, Hamilton Ontario. The child was all set to play with the pool toy on the lawn, until it moved. No windy day trickery here; the alligator was real and it was there, albeit not in a traditional context. Animal control officials guess that it was escaped from someone’s home zoo (what else?).

Mind you, with all the pollution poured into the bay by the steel industry over the last century plus, anything is possible. But, alligators in Ontario? Of course it makes the cut for the news of the day.

The current premier of Saskatchewan (Brad Wall) has announced his retirement. Great opportunity for someone who wants to get into the political game. Hint thrown to cousins.

Checked the handy “Can I see the eclipse (you really don’t want to)” finder on the CBC site. Around here, it will pass as just another cloudy day. Now that I’ve saved my eyesight, time to find a web feed.

I received an interesting text message this afternoon, with an offer to buy me chocolate at the local market. I’m flabbergasted. Next step; break off a small piece and see if it tastes as good as I think it should.

Police around Toronto have a new goal: catch the dozens of motorcycles that are hanging from the ape bars on the highway. A “mob”, according to the news story. On the other hand, maybe Darwin’s Law will kick in… The riders are wearing helmets. Canadian before anything else.

And that’s an overview of the day, as the sun goes down.


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